Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our First/Last Camping Trip

We started out late in the season to try our 1st camping trip with Henry and Isabel.  I was a little worried how the kids would do but they did amazing.  Too bad our first camping trip was late Aug's but we know for next season and will be able to get lots of camping in.

 Hanging out by the fire pit.  Watching Daddy start the fire.
 Playing at the park in the campground.
 Isabel eating supper.  Mommy in the background making supper.
 Henry getting all bundled up for bed time.
 Daddy rocking Henry to sleep.  Isabel waiting patiently for smores.
 Yummy smores.
 Henry hanging out in the tent while we packing up all the gear.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lacomb Corn Maze

This summer we got a seasons pass for the Lacomb Corn Maze
Isabel and Daddy having fun on the big bouncy pillow.

Having a little fun on her own.  (That didn't last very long)
Farmer Girls
Miss Piglet
Henry chilling in his stroller. While Isabel has some fun at the playground.

Climbing the tower of tires.

Was pretty impressed Isabel was able to peddle the cart all by her self.
Having fun on the horse swings.

Look at the trolls under the bridge.  I wonder if they will let Henry and I pass.

Isabel loved to lead us the way through the corn maze.
A ride on the train through the corn maze.
Henry's turn on the big bouncy pillow.

Westerner Days

Having fun at the Westerner Days.

I was helping a friend out by watching there kids and thought it would be nice to take them down town to see the Westerner Parade.  It was a lot of fun as their dad works with Bryan and they met us on down there.
Daddy and Henry enjoying the parade.
The family out to have some fun at Westerner Days
Isabel loved looking at the baby chicks.
Isabel going fishing to win a prize.
She caught a fish and won a prize.
Isabel scooping up ducks to win another prize.
Daddy holding a scorpion.  Isabel and I were too chicken.
Isabel enjoying some rides.  On a duck ride then on to a roller coaster.  She didn't really like the roller coaster.

Checking out the pony.  Didn't want to get close to it.
Look at her scared face
Bryan and I enjoying some deep fried food.
We took a break from the heat and had some fun inside.  Isabel opened up and started to play some football with other kids. 

 So proud of Isabel opening up to others and having fun playing football.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Henry's Summer Fun

Summer fun for Henry
The whole family enjoying a nice walk around the pond.
Having fun with Daddy.
Daddy caught a big fish.
Henry jumping around in his bouncer
Henry loves his tool bench.  He is getting better swing the hammer and hitting the shapes.

Daddy teaching Henry how to shake the rattle to make the car go.

Learning how to sit and so proud of it.

Auntie Leslie is the best.  My first food a chocolate chip cookie.

Playing with my wrist/feet rattles that Grams & Gramps got me. 
Hanging out with my silly sister.

Playing at the park.  Loves the sand and swings.